This issue published November 2015.

Dublin on the schedule for the 2016 NACS Insight Convenience Summit - Europe

NACS Insight is delighted to announce that Dublin is now also on the schedule for the 2016 NACS Insight Convenience Summit - Europe event. Insight managing director Dan Munford explained why the NACS Insight team decided to add Dublin to the event for June 2016. "The NACS Insight team felt that adding Dublin to the agenda is the right thing to do for the end of week, study tour element of our 5-11 June event. Ireland in many ways leads the READ MORE

NACS Insight increases engagement in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

NACS Insight announced a strategy of increased engagement in Europe’s German speaking markets today. Insight MD Dan Munford sees it... READ MORE

NACS president and CEO Henry Armour opens the 2015 NACS Show; General Session keynote Chris McChesney delivers an energetic presentation on The 4 Disciplines of Execution

The NACS Show is so important to the industry that it’s almost unimaginable to not attend it, noted NACS President... READ MORE

NACS CEO Armour shares NACS’ 2015 priorities and victories at the NACS Show

“We’ve been hard at work developing tools to help you defend and grow your businesses,” NACS President and CEO Hank... READ MORE

Top 100 cool new products at the NACS Show

Retailers ranked the products they see as having strong potential...READ MORE

Twenty year view on retail fuels

NACS Show educational session delves into the fuels retailers could...READ MORE

The shape of things

NACS Show keynote Connie Podesta blends humor and human resources...READ MORE

Creating a corporate culture

Jon Wolske of Zappos shares with NACS Show attendees the...READ MORE

Next-gen vehicles and your business

NACS Show educational session asks retailers if they’re ready to...READ MORE

Reach outside of your comfort zone

NACS Chairman Jack Kofdarali encouraged NACS Show attendees to test...READ MORE

Editor’s choice

Topaz to roll out urban food concept, Rocket’s, to 40 Irish market forecourt sites

Topaz, Ireland’s largest fuel and convenience brand, has announced a...READ MORE

News and features

Spar International opens first store in Cameroon

Spar International, the world’s largest voluntary retail chain, has announced...READ MORE

EAT 17 wins IGD Innovative Store of the Year

EAT 17’s Spar Hackney has won the prestigious national IGD...READ MORE

Tributes paid to ‘visionary’ retail expert, Peter O’Toole

Tributes have been paid to a “visionary” Welsh business leader...READ MORE

UK grocery 2016: Amazon to replace discounters as major market disruptor

Insight has teamed up with ResearchFarm to feature one of...READ MORE

Tech solutions

Industry events

Essential Insight and NACS diary dates, 2016

Mar 6-10, 2016 Cape Town, South Africa Stockholm, London...READ MORE

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