The electrification debate

Posted on: 8th January 2017

As electrification of vehicle fleets grows globally, a number of players in the fuels and convenience retail industry are looking carefully at how their future business model needs to evolve. We interview Accenture Fuels Retail Practice Managing Director James Hallam about the changing fuel mix and the likely impact of electrification.

How quickly will electrification increase, how much of a challenge is fuel disruption, which factors will influence timing of the change, what is the role of Government and how can convenience retailers benefit from extra dwell time as more developed foodvenience and other product destinations?

Sponsored by Accenture. Accenture is a global professional services company and provides strategy, consulting, technology and operations services.

In our full length Retail Vision TV film featured in the video section of this publication, we test drive a Tesla Model S, interview drivers supercharging at Welcome Break in the UK and ask Accenture Managing Director James Hallam about the impact for our industry. Retail Vision films are produced in partnership with Peter Knott and the creative team at Our Say So.


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