Circle K increases speed charging capacity by 1000 per cent

By mid-2020 Circle K will double the number of sites offering speed charging in Norway, the number of charging points will increase 400 per cent and total charging capacity will increase by 1000 per cent.

“We will be the preferred destination for all electrical vehicles in Norway,” says Christoffer Sundby, Business Unit Leader for Norway in Circle K.

This fall, Circle K will open new speed chargers at several sites in Norway, the construction work has already begun. This includes at least six stations with chargers from the European speed charging provider IONITY. The new chargers from IONITY can charge at a maximum capacity of 350 kilowatts but can also be used by existing vehicles which use a smaller capacity.

When the first IONITY-chargers in Norway are opened in Circle K Kjerlingland (near the city of Lillesand in southern Norway) in October this will be the biggest universal speed charging hub in Norway, with a large charging offer to most electrical vehicle types.

The first IONITY charging corridor in Norway, along the highway between Oslo and Stavanger, will be in operation before Christmas. During 2019, IONITY will install speed chargers at a total of 18 Circle K stations in Norway.

Circle K will also step up the installation of our own speed chargers this fall. This will be a combination of 50 kW and 150 kW chargers. This combination will continuous when we roll out more chargers in the network.

Circle K already has speed chargers on 60 stations in Norway, including 16 with Circle K chargers, and the rest with chargers from our partners Tesla and Grønn Kontakt.

The ambition, set this year in spring, is to double the number of charging locations by mid-2020. We will increase the number of charging points per location, thus reaching an increase by 400 per cent. In total, this will increase the charging effect we offer by 1000 per cent.

“We think it’s very positive that Circle K is stepping up their effort within fast charging considerably. Today around 1.500 EV’s can charge at the same time in Norway and Circle K will contribute to ensure that number increases faster”, says Ståle Frydenlund, Senior Advisor at the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association.

Remaining challenges

Our long-term goal is to make it as simple to charge electric vehicles as it is to fuel combustion engine cars, our aim is to make it easy to be an electrical vehicle owner. We are actively working to reduce the fear of not finding power when you need it, the fear of not reaching your destination and the childhood diseases that characterize the early days of electrification in Norway. We are now taking big steps with speed, customer journey and availability, but we hope for more help in reaching the charging offer Norway needs.

“We are ready to deliver on both what the customers want- easy charging- and what the government demands – that we contribute towards the ambitions goals on zero emission cars and greenhouse gas reduction. It’s possible to make this commercially viable as the government has put as a premise in their climate strategy. This demand the design of a sensible model for grid tariffs, we are ready to pay our share, but not to subsidize others,” says Sundby.

Rollout plan for Circle K 2018:


• Circle K Kjerlingland 8

• Circle K Gol 6

• Circle K Ringdalskogen 8

• Circle K Sira 6

• Circle K Dal 8

• Circle K Dombås 6

New Circle K chargers with increased capacity from 50 to 150kW

• Circle K Økern 6 chargers

• Circle K Fjellhamar 4 chargers

In addition, we will replace Circle K chargers on 14 locations to improve uptime and make it easier for the customer.

Future Energy station: In a few weeks Circle K Kjerlingland will offer a combination of 26 speed chargers, eight fueling points for private cars and two fueling points for trucks. By mid-2020 the number of charging points will be 50.

Future charging experience: The first Circle K energy stations dominated by speed chargers are already established in Norway. The work to make the electrical customer journey easier, faster and more seamless is running at full speed.

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