The International Hub at the NACS Show

A place to meet, converse, learn, network, negotiate and relax.

Mini Convenience Summit

Were you able to join the annual NACS Convenience Summit Asia (March) or NACS Convenience Summit Europe (June)? If not, you’re in luck: During the NACS Show, they're bringing together select speakers for a mini Convenience Summit—Exclusively for international visitors.

Drop by for the following sessions:

Global Best Practice

New and successful c-store designs and formats from around the globe

U.S. Data, Global Impact

The U.S. c-store industry and its impact on the global industry


Update on fuel-, payment- and POS-systems development

NACS Show Summary

"What we learned and what we saw". A top-line summary from this year’s NACS Show—the only global event that brings together all things convenience.

Lounge: A place to refresh

A relaxing environment where you can refresh, rejuvenate, network or just catch up on emails from the office. Refreshments are on the house for all international guests.

To access the lounge and enjoy our amenities, please bring your international badge.





Hosted by NACS regional representatives

Christian Warning

Managing Director, The Retail Marketeers

NACS regional representative DE/AT/CH

Craig Panter

Chief Business Development Director, Invenco

NACS regional representative Asia/Pacific

Dan Munford

Managing Director, Insight Research

NACS regional representative Europe

Jeff Murphy

Managing Director, TMG Consultancy LLC

NACS regional representative Latin America

Magnar Møkkelgård

NACS regional representative Scandinavia

Marco Fuhrer

Managing Partner, Fuhrer & Hotz

NACS regional representative Switzerland

Mark Wohltmann

Director Europe, NACS

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