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The European conference, which includes retailer case studies and best practices from around the globe, will kick off in the booming Polish c-store sector of Warsaw and end in London, England with the prestigious NACS European Convenience Retail Awards—now in its 10th year (award submissions due 30 March 2018).

While details are still being added, the programme has already drawn big-name speakers to its global stage, including convenience industry disruptors and innovators like Per Cromwell, CEO & Co-Founder of The Moby Mart, and Will Broome, CEO & Founder of Ubamarket, Ltd.

Per, the man behind the world’s first unmanned store on wheels, will reveal what the future of frictionless convenience retail could look like, in addition to unveiling Europe’s first prototype of the Moby Mart. Dubbed the “robo-grocery store” by Wired, and “DIY shopping” by Reuters, Moby Mart is a highly innovative concept that is already operational in Asia and will make its way to the U.S. this summer. Summit delegates will have the exclusive opportunity to see and touch Europe’s first prototype. Per will share his success story and the obstacles, being (self-proclaimed) a retailer with a turnover of 0.0001% of that of Walmart.

Next, Will Bromme will speak about Ubamarket, the world’s first fully integrated “magic shopping listTM” app, which has since been touted “The world’s most sophisticated retail app” by UK-based magazine The Grocer. Bromme’s presentation will show how technology is not only capable of disrupting retail in the future but how it is already disrupting retail today. Ever since Bromme’s “epiphany in aisle number nine” (which will be discussed further in his onsite presentation), he has worked on ways to improve the shopping experience for both retailers and customers. Enter Ubamarket. The app was Bromme’s breakthrough and attendees will learn how disruptive technology like Ubamarket is changing how retail processes work and how convenience can indeed become even more convenient.

Plus, the conference takes you on a guided tour of innovative store formats and practices in Warsaw and London: how are retailers reacting to the threat of rising sales from discounters? How do you cater to your target’s palette: Canteen-style, restaurant-style or QSR-style? How do you compete in the market of “sameness”? And, we’ll visit one of London’s oldest and largest of London’s food markets with over 4.5 Million shoppers & visitors per year to see how all generations, all professions, all demographics come together to find their fit for the perfect lunch.

Best of all, the Convenience Summit Europe’s modular programme allows you to choose the experiences from each of the two host cities that are right for you, your schedule and your business. View the schedule.

More information and registration page on convenience.org website

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