Convenience Summit Europe: Store tours - what to expect

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If everybody does discount…

• We will see first-hand how convenience retailers successfully react upon the threat of rising sales from discounters. Whilst some initial reactions can be seen as copying what discounters do… we will see how convenience retailers successfully react by doing the opposite: going premium!

Serious food (and feeding)

• We will experience different foodservice offers, from canteen-style to restaurant-style to QSR-style, perfectly fitting into large or small formats, catering the need of their respective target group to achieve the one common goal: Feeding the crowd…

Delivering the last mile

• We will follow the busy Varsovian urbanites on their daily quest to manage work, family, traffic & shopping… whilst ecommerce is on the rise, delivering the last mile is trucky, especially because of consumers’ tight and unpredictable daily schedules. We will see Solutions for online-sales-deliveries, grocery and laundry…

Location, location, location

• We will discover location-tailored convenience in usual and unusual places to learn how location-optimized retail can help selling over 200 hot dogs per day at a petrol station or how it can help catering multiple target groups by placing the store right in the middle of the buffer-zone between them.

The new comfy

• We will go where the Millennials go… and learn why store design and maintenance are key in a fight for staying relevant. We will see how “The new comfy” looks like when “The old comfy” has become ugly…

The two door concept

• We will learn how tearing down walls not only figuratively but literally can help with communication, customer-targeting and customer-engagement to grow sales and to leverage a convenience retail site’s most valuable asset: it’s location


The supermarket of the metropolis

• We will see how convenience stores become the “supermarket of the metropolis” not through expanding footprint but by delivering high-volume-sales through a highly optimized assortment, tailored to the local store environment.

Surviving in the sea of sameness

• We will learn how established foodservice chains compete successfully in a “sea of sameness” after “everyone started selling coffee”, through design, atmosphere and customer loyalty.

The millennials (and us, following their lead…)

• We will visit outlets that cater the need of the millennials, through POS-design, healthy eating options, quality-focused eating choices. And we will see the baby-boomers and GenX following their lead.

Differentiate or drown…

• We will experience how established chains fight the competition through micro-segmentation by joining the coffee-craze or by empathically connecting to their neighbourhood. And we will hear from an independent retailer and learn his secrets of how he is winning against everyone else.

Disruptive technology

• We will follow the daily tech-trek of the urbanites from charging their EV in the city via using efficient yet playful touch-screen-ordering to mobile-order & delivery.

The place where 4.5 Million people a year can’t be wrong

• We will visit one of the oldest and largest of London’s food markets with over 4.5 Million shoppers & visitors per year to see how all generations, all professions, all demographics come together to find their fit for the perfect lunch. Oh yes… and we will have lunch there too…

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