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Technology as an enabler for business success

In today’s tough retailing environment, site operators need the most efficient and effective systems solutions to be able to maximise their business opportunities. This means being able to select the best solutions, delivered as quickly as possible with an attractive price. Roadblocks to their implementation need to be eliminated or minimised to enable this.

For nearly 25 years, the International Forecourt Standards Forum (IFSF) has been working to remove these roadblocks and enable retailers to introduce new systems and devices to their sites without the potential complication and cost of having to develop customised interfaces. IFSF is a forum of international petroleum retailers and suppliers with the common objective of harmonisation of equipment interconnectivity and communication standards for use in the Petroleum Retail Business. By working with participants, other established professional bodies and financial institutions, IFSF aims to achieve common standards and where possible adopt existing ones.

To date, participants have enjoyed significant benefits from the many standards which have been developed by IFSF and adopted on thousands of forecourts in an ever-increasing number of countries worldwide.

These standards, which have been established by leading industry experts, also save manufacturers time and cost on research and development, enabling development resources to concentrate on improving the product, rather than defining and re-building interfaces. IFSF compliance has become a strong selling tool, as it is demanded by many of the major site owners/operators. Technical support is also available to participants to help them implement the standards.

A visit to IFSF’s website,, will give details of how to join IFSF and the website provides further information on IFSF, the existing standards and other activities that are in progress. This includes the annual conference, open to both members, and non-members. Last year’s conference, held in Schiphol, Amsterdam, saw a record number of attendees participate in the two days and this year is going to be even bigger! Being held in Paris, France on 14th and 15th November, the 2017 conference will see speakers from the industry presenting on the theme Collaboration and Innovation, including the following:

• Mark Thomson, Zebra Technologies will give his insight on how leveraging technology can enhance the forecourt experience.

• Graham Richter from Accenture will give an overview of how blockchain works and how this new technology will present unexpected opportunities to the industry.

• Josep Laborda from RAAC will be speaking on the development and commercial launch of the traffic and mobility information service.

• Francois Mezzina, of Total, will also be giving an overview of IFSF’s background and how it works and this will be the perfect opportunity to find out more about the organisation and how it collaborates with others to achieve common standards for interoperability of forecourt and convenience devices and services.

Conference participants will also be able to attend the Work Group meetings on 13th November, where discussions will be held on Digital Marketing, EFT & Payments, Device Integration and Security.

The event is being sponsored by Ingenico, Lafon Technologies, Beta Control, Gesytec and PetrolWorld. Limited additional packages are left and more information can be found on IFSF’s website. For more information on the conference, sponsorship options and how to book, visit or contact Hayley Owen at

This is an opportunity to free your business from the shackles that technology used to represent. So, join IFSF now, attend the conference or seek further information to empower your business.

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