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Convenience Summit- Asia: NACS new international event

Convenience Summit – Asia takes place March 20-24, 2017, in Sapporo and Tokyo.

The NACS international offer builds a community around the globe that brings together convenience and fuel retailers to create relationships and develop strategies and best practices that enhance their business. And a large part of this offer is to raise awareness about the life cycle of various issues and retail challenges, such as tobacco regulations, that move from country to country.

From the early NACS Study Tours in the 1980s to establishing the NACS Global Forum in the 1990s, NACS is enhancing its international event strategy by introducing a new global event to the Asian market in 2017: Convenience Summit – Asia. Taking place next March 20-24 in Sapporo and Tokyo, Japan, the event brings together the best of the NACS Global Forum and the NACS Insight Convenience Summit – Europe, featuring thought leadership, store tours and opportunities to build strategic relationships in the Asian market.

“We see an immediate need for a consistent NACS presence in Asia. By creating Convenience Summit – Asia, we’re acknowledging the importance that this continent plays in the growth and innovation of our global industry. It’s an exciting and rapidly changing market that offers our industry around the world leading insights and practical teachings,” says Michael Davis, NACS vice president of member services. He added that the NACS Global Forum is not taking place in 2017 and will move toward being a more agile event that responds to global industry needs around the world.

The Japanese market has already proven to hold great interest for international players, with Wawa visiting earlier this year. Mike Sherlock, Vice President, Fresh Food & Beverage, reflected that:

"The Japanese market offered a unique benchmarking perspective on small convenience formats - merchandising, lighting, packaging, pristine store conditions, leveraging supply chain. There was a growing focus on freshness throughout the food culture in Japan.”

Beginning in Sapporo, a city within Japan’s second-largest island, Hokkaido, participants of the inaugural NACS Convenience Summit – Asia will experience guided tours that offer an inside look at how Seicomart, a leading Japanese convenience retailer and NACS retail member since 1976, is successfully operating a vertically integrated organization. The tours will include a look at the company’s agricultural business, manufacturing, logistics and retail stores.

Following Sapporo, the program will shift to explore the bustling market of Tokyo with a robust agenda featuring speakers, more store tours and discussions on critical topics such as foodservice supply chain and payment technology.

Learn more about the event and how to register at

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