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Liquid Barcodes to sponsor Global Convenience Store Focus

Insight is delighted to announce Liquid Barcodes, a company focusing on digital marketing, as the new sponsor of Global Convenience Store Focus.

Liquid Barcodes has a dedicated focus on the convenience retail industry linking retailer´s digital marketing efforts, predominantly through mobile, with their point of sale system.

The company’s CEO, Mats Danielsen, was formerly head of sales and operations at Statoil Fuel & Retail, across the company’s nine business units in eight European markets.

Previously a consultant with Accenture, Danielsen also led the implementation of KSS fuels (now Kalibrate) fuel pricing software across all Statoil’s markets.

In addition, Danielsen’s four and a half year career at Statoil spanned performance management and sales training. He played an instrumental role in the integration of Jet (now Ingo) into the business following Statoil’s acquisition of the network from Conoco Phillips; and he also experienced the acquisition of Statoil by Couche-Tard before he moved on to Liquid Barcodes.

Reitan Convenience is a key customer of Liquid Barcodes in Scandinavia, working across Norway, Sweden and Denmark with five business units comprising 7-Eleven in Norway, Sweden and Denmark; Pressbyran in Sweden and Narvesen in Norway.

Reitan deploys the Liquid Barcodes solution as an ongoing campaign tool, powering its innovative mobile apps.

Liquid Barcodes has also recently expanded into India, where it is working with three leading retailers: Twenty Four Seven, Spencer’s Retail and Costa Coffee.

DanieIsen said: “I am delighted to have the opportunity to work even closer with Dan [Munford] and the Insight team for the coming year.

“I believe the work that they do for the industry is instrumental to its future.

“Insight NACS are a driving force, not just in enabling industry-wide networking and best practice sharing, but for their ability to identify key industry trends and to focus the agenda on these themes at their events; as well as through Global C-Store Focus and their consulting practice."

Trends, like foodservice, fresh and digital, are relevant to everyone in the industry and have to be approached by considering the need’s of tomorrow’s consumers, as well as today’s, Danielsen said.

Insight’s events and Global C-Store Focus also provide a platform to share the consumer insights of leading global suppliers such as Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Mondelez, said Danielsen.

“In the future, I believe supplier brands will look to closely partner key convenience retailers and direct more of their marketing spend away from traditional channels towards closed-loop digital shopper marketing activities. This is needed to engage with the next generation consumers, Generation Z.

“Throughout the course of the year, we will help Insight showcase initiatives like these.”

For us, the close collaboration with Insight will also ensure Liquid Barcodes remains relevant with the mechanics we can offer to our retail clients, said Danielsen.

“The core of our offering is to enable retailers to increase the frequency of purchase by existing customers, as well as to drive new traffic to store by connecting their mobile initiatives with the point of sale system.

“We believe in simplicity for consumers and retailers, even though the algorithms behind may be far from simple!”

As well as building brand awareness of Liquid Barcodes, Danielsen said he wanted to encourage retailers who want to succeed in digital and where customer engagement and increasing traffic to store are key objectives, to get in touch.

“I am confident our proven mechanics and case studies, such as those with Reitan Convenience in the Nordics, are relevant for retailers across the globe,” he said.

Liquid Barcodes takes over from Kalibrate as the newsletter sponsor.

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