Red Bull and k kiosk co-innovate chatbot to drive consumers from online campaign to physical stores

Posted on: 1st June 2017

In Switzerland Red Bull uses a Chatbot to run automatic dialogue with consumers as part of their 360 degree back-to-work Cartoon Campaign. The aim of the chatbot was to provide consumers with energy in a moment of need. Thus the bot allows the consumer to choose if they want a free Red Bull coupon into the k kiosk app or via SMS. Either way consumers are driven into k kiosk stores to redeem the coupon and enjoy a free Red Bull energy drink.

With a network of close to 1000 stores across Switzerland k kiosk is a solid partner for Red Bull when Red Bull activates their advertising with digital coupons.

In this digital sampling activity Red Bull invited consumers to chat with a chatbot. According to Wikipedia a chatbot (also known as a talkbot, chatterbot, Bot, chatterbox) is a computer program which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. Chatbots are widely used as part of instant messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Kik for entertaining purposes as well as B2C marketing and customer service. Companies like Pizza Hut, Disney, Yamato’s Line and Whole Foods have launched their own chatbots to increase end customer engagement, promote their products and services, and give their customers a more convenient and easier way to order from them.

In this campaign Red Bull´s chatbot engaged with the consumers – and even allowed them to choose between getting a free Red Bull voucher via the k kiosk app or via SMS.

k kiosk welcomes digital innovations from their supplier brand partners

“We encourage our supplier brand partners to innovate on digital. We want to explore all opportunities to engage with consumers and drive traffic to our stores” says Philipp Bruehlmann, marketing director, k kiosk, Switzerland. “Red Bull´s chatbot campaign is a great start and we think there are lots of opportunities in this space that we can further explore. With a chatbot we can allow the consumer to choose the preferred channel of voucher delivery for example via SMS, app, or e-mail. Further we can allow them to choose if they want Red Bull Energy drink or maybe they prefer Red Bull Sugarfree or Red Bull Zero Calories. We think there are multiple ways we can use Chatbots together with brands such as Red Bull going forward. This is probably just the start.” Bruehlmann concludes.

k kiosk is part of Valora Retail which has a network of +2500 stores across Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and France. Valora Retail´s kiosk and convenience formats are k kiosk, Naville, Press & Books, avec, cigo and SSDB/UStore. Naville stores are being re-branded k kiosk. Within food service Valora formats are Ditsch, Brezelkönig and Spettacolo. In k kiosk and Press & Books stores Caffé Spettacolo is served.

RedBull´s campaign with unique coupons being redeemed in k kiosk stores is possible with Liquid Barcodes technology. Liquid Barcodes technology platform powers retailers’ and brands digital couponing and connects offers with the retailer point of sale system through unique codes.


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