k kiosk goes digital with engaging share and care app program

Posted on: 2nd May 2017

In Switzerland k kiosk recently launched the k kiosk app with unique coupons, stamp cards and an engaging overall app program theme: “share and care”!

k kiosk is part of Valora Retail which has a network of +2500 stores across Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and France. Valora Retail´s kiosk and convenience formats are k kiosk, Naville, Press & Books, avec, cigo and SSDB/UStore. Naville stores are being re-branded k kiosk. Within food service Valora formats are Ditsch, Brezelkönig and Spettacolo. In k kiosk and Press & Books stores Caffé Spettacolo is served.

The k kiosk app powers you to share a treat with 4 friends

“gönn dir was” is k kiosk´s tagline (“treat yourself”). The app launch campaign is built around the k kiosk tagline, however with a focus on sharing a treat with 4 friends – therefore “gönn 4 was”. A Robin Good character was created to help communicate the essence of the program and the launch campaign: the app is not just about collecting stamps or redeeming coupons – it´s also about sharing treats with friends.

“We wanted to launch an app which was more interactive, social and engaging than the average retailer app” says Marco Hocke, managing director k kiosk / P&B / avec Switzerland & Austria. “We did not want to merely launch a rewards program focused on rewarding in-store purchases. With “share and care” we give our app users the power to give away treats to their friends that also uses the app. This way we are creating a community of app users interacting with each other – and we are rewarding this interaction”.

The k kiosk app can be used across all k kiosk stores in Switzerland – a network of close to 1000 stores.

How “share and care” works

k kiosk is distribute unique share & care coupons to their app users that they can´t use themselves! They can however share these coupons with their friends, family or colleagues app-to-app. The friend is notified with a push notification and the appearing coupon is marked “Shared by ”. When the friend uses her coupon in-store there is also a possibility to reward the app user that initially shared – with a reward. Thus the program can be built on a communication that the more you share (care), the more you are rewarded.

The share & care mechanic powers the k kiosk app to motivate consumer behaviors which are driving app activity. The active k kiosk app users become advocates for the app and help keep other users active. In a simple way k kiosk reward the most active users for the consumer behaviors they encourage.

Sending a treat: The app user clicks on the small gift-icon to share a free Coca-Cola, enters the friend´s mobile number and the coupon is sent!

Receiving a treat: The friend receives a push notification from the k kiosk app communicating that there is a free Coca-Cola in the app from a friend. The shared coupon – the free Coca-Cola – is tagged with “Shared by ”.

Recruiting new app users

If your friend does not already have the k kiosk app you can easily recruit her and get a reward for it. The app users are encouraged to recruit-a-friend in the app and get a free coffee immediately when the friend registers in the app.

Unique coupons and stamp cards – communication in German and French

In addition to “share and care” campaigns the k kiosk app contains unique coupons and stamp cards. K kiosk have stamp cards on coffee (Caffé Spettacolo and Starbucks), ok.- energy drinks, ice-cream, ok.- water, Evian water and Coca-Cola.

Coupons are typically single-use, but may also be multi-use. The customers instantly get a sign-up reward when downloading and registering with the app and good deals are available on drinks, food and snacks.

Since Switzerland has two main languages the communication on the campaigns are either in German or in French based on the language settings of the mobile phone of the consumers.


For more information about the k kiosk app – and to download: German – https://www.kkiosk.ch/de/app/ , French – https://www.kkiosk.ch/fr/app/

k kiosk´s app program mechanics – like “share & care” is possible with Liquid Barcodes technology. Liquid Barcodes technology platform powers retailers’ digital couponing and connects offers with the retailer point of sale system through unique codes


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