Pre-Convenience Summit Asia Store Safari

Posted on: 11th December 2018

China is creating a whole new form of shopping which is combining the best of online and offline retail – ‘O2O’. Thanks to NACS we are going to explore it.

Why not join our senior European retailer group and network along the way, visiting with Circle K in Hong Kong and exploring their O2O strategy before arriving at the NACS Convenience Summit Asia in Shanghai.

From Alibaba Hema, to Bingo Box, to Gorilla, to newcomers JD’s 7Fresh, Suning’s SuFresh, Tencent’s MissFresh and Bravo YH. Tech developments and trends will be highlighted in the event with trips to a number of innovative sites. We’ll also visit traditional Japanese convenience retailers Lawson and FamilyMart that both do things with more “personality” in China as well as a unique Carrefour offer. Find out more here.

All in its 6 days, travelling from Saturday March 2nd to Friday March 8th.

• Saturday March 2: Fly to Hong Kong

• Sunday March 3: arrive on Sunday evening

• Monday March 4: visit with Circle K Hong Kong. Fly to Shanghai

• Tuesday March 5: NACS Convenience Summit Asia event begins

• Wednesday March 6: NACS CSA event continues.

• Thursday March 7: Final day and closing dinner of NACS CSA.

• Friday March 8: Fly home.

Contact us for more information and if you would like to join our European group.

Here’s a look at Alibaba’s “New Retail” to whet your appetite: