REPSOL On, Madrid, Spain

Posted on: 5th December 2018

Repsol drives new value proposition in Spain with Repsol On brand

Spanish oil major, Repsol, has launched a new format and brand, which encourages consumers to consider that recharging their personal energy is just as important as recharging their vehicle with energy.

Repsol On: a place to recharge your energy is strategically linked to the company’s new value proposition: always on/always available/always at your service, Repsol says.

Supporting the new branding and ‘always on’ culture, Repsol has introduced a new seating area in the upper level of its sites with high speed free Wifi and cell phone charging stations. Digital menu boards have been introduced and are regularly updated with fresh content. Touch screen tablets also provide details of the latest merchandise. The store foyer, meanwhile, features large HD LED display screens with light sensors for low energy consumption and a striking vertical garden. The new restrooms offer 100% handicapped-accessible facilities and are AENOR certified.

According to Repsol, the new Repsol On new retail concept maintains the assortment of a regular convenience store but there’s a much greater emphasis on healthier and better for you options.

Repsol On has boosted a number of products: fruits and salads; organic food and beverages; local and bio products, for example.

Additionally, fresh and handmade products take centre stage in the new space, especially in the areas of bakery and hot drinks, which also features Starbucks on the Go.

The new product philosophy promotes the simple and natural, with respect to the environment both socially and environmentally, Repsol says.

“We do not pretend to be gourmet or exclusive, but to promote wellness and healthy eating. We look for something different to offer to our clients, so they feel better,” the company claims.

For the first time in the company’s history, the retail business has personnel dedicated exclusively to the store. Previously, staff at Repsol’s petrol stations worked across both the store and forecourt operations.

As a result, a new way of interacting with customers has been developed. According to Repsol, the aim is to generate empathy with the customers, building a medium term relationship.

In another first, Repsol On also features the first Amazon locker in Spain, providing a pick-up service for orders with the online giant.


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