OTR, Fullarton, Australia

Posted on: 5th December 2018

OTR is a hub for the suburbs in South Australia

OTR is part of the way of life for most South Australians. The company has led the market with an unparalleled offer of convenience on the forecourt. Now its clear focus on the customer has spawned the development of OTR Fullarton.

From the outset, OTR Fullarton offers customers a warm welcome. The new-look store has reframed the atmosphere of the OTR brand as warm and inviting, encouraging the customer to engage with the store in a more leisurely, trusting way.

The focus is tailored but OTR Fullarton provides a wide variety of products and services including 40 shopping bays, barista coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, flowers, bakery, custom hot dogs, a car wash and dog wash.

Freshness, in terms of fresh foods, is king and to the fore. OTR Fullarton kick-started a priority focus on freshness and local produce for OTR, the company reports. All bakery products, including an extensive artisan range and dietary sensitive products are baked offsite exclusively for the business each day. Orange juice is squeezed in store, bottle by bottle and only displayed for one day.

According to OTR, the greater Adelaide region is a powerhouse food bowl. To celebrate and support this marvelous resource, Fullarton features local south Australian produce from trusted small suppliers, as well as private labels.

In terms of new technologies, the OTR App has introduced the most frictionless app fuel pay experience in the world to the Adelaide market, the company reports. All pump arming and payment is handled in the app, allowing customers to simply go after filling up. The OTR app also allows customers to pre-order barista coffee, custom food and pre-packed shop orders, enabling a for no-wait experience.

In terms of loyalty, OTR keeps the mechanics simple and straightforward, offering a free item after four qualifying purchases. This reward offer spans bread, pies, hotdogs and car washes.

In terms of people development, OTR Fullarton offers ample opportunity for advancement. OTR believes in equality of opportunity with promotions across the sites and support services granted through merit. The company says it prides itself on egalitarian, frequent communication and has reaped rewards for the resulting culture that this creates. OTR was the Australian Retailers Association 2016 Retailer Employer of the Year and the won the 2016 Governor’s award for multiculturalism in South Australia.

It all translates into delivering the optimum customer service, which OTR measures by collecting customer satisfaction data. This is central to the success of site team members, as the team is recognised for behaviours that increase customer satisfaction versus traditional sales measures. The simple act of measuring customer satisfaction has steadily increased the quality of our service, OTR reports.

Crucially, at OTR Fullarton, the customers love the redeveloped site. Fuel volumes are up 33% and non-fuel sales have soared by a staggering 250%.


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