24 Seven, Greater Kailash 2, India

Posted on: 5th December 2018

24 Seven transforms convenience format in India

24 Seven, the 61-store convenience chain in New Delhi, India, has launched a new format store, which is inspired by global trends.

Established in 2004, 24 Seven is a subsidiary of Godfrey Phillips India, a Modi Group company founded in 1933.

Positioned as a ‘round the clock’ convenience store, 24 Seven aims to be an indispensable part of the local communities that it serves.

24 Seven is the first and only chain to operate 24-hour/365 days a year opening in India and is visited by 2,000 people per day at each of its stores.

Recently the business has teamed up with the India Oil Corporate to open around 100 outlets at 10C petrol stations in Northern India during the current financial year.

The new store format, piloted at four stores, offers a one-stop shop providing food, groceries, supplies and services. Featuring new technologies, the new stores are at the cutting edge of store design in India but also provide a warm and friendly welcome.

There are five key pillars to 24 Seven’s value proposition:

• Close proximity to the home or office

• An international shopping experience

• A unique mix of products and services under one roof

• A wide variety of international cuisines

• 24/7 opening

The new look, launched in March 2017, features a striking green and black facade.

According to 24 Seven, the new format is a reflection of a world class store, which a well-travelled Indian consumer has been exposed to internationally.

It offers a unique mix of products, essentially taking care of all ‘dusk to dawn’ everyday needs plus a range of rarer and more sought after imported products.

The fresh foods offer has been enhanced at the new format with innovative new lines introduced alongside traditional products. Waffles and waffle hot dogs – a first in India – have been added, for example. There are new innovative pack formats too, such as salad shakers. The objective is to create excitement for the customers with innovations with new products and packaging, 24 Seven says.

Technology is to the fore too. The new model embodies the company’s business philosophy of being the front runner and an early adopter of the latest technology available worldwide, 24 Seven says. Digital menu displays feature prominently both behind the service counter and till points. Promotional screens are also deployed among the snacking products, featuring the store specials and offers.

The transformation is complete – the new 24 Seven stores would stack up well against any modern convenience store format on the global stage.


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