New in Italia, Carrefour Express opened its first 3 Minuti store

Carrefour Express once again demonstrates its commitment to the city of Genoa with the opening of Italy’s first “3 Minuti” store in via degli Orefici 37/R. This innovative Carrefour Express format allows customers the chance to enjoy a tasty breakfast, a quick lunch break, a snack or a ready dinner. The new store also offers a range of useful services every day from 7 am to 11 pm.

The “3 Minuti” format was devised by Carrefour Express as a convenience service that enables customers not only to do their shopping but also have breakfast, buy ready meals and choose from a wide range of products. “3 Minuti Express” also offers services such as digital photo processing, tablets and free wi-fi, urban transport tickets and tickets for the city’s principal entertainment attractions (aquarium, cinemas, water park etc.). There’s also a phone charging station and facilities such as ATM, money transfer, bill payment, gift cards and prepaid Mastercard.

The new store has a sales area of 160 square metres and is one of 147 Carrefour Express outlets across Liguria, of which 71 are in the city of Genoa. The layout of products in dedicated sections makes shopping quicker and easier than ever before, with sections specializing in sweet and savoury foods, home cleaning products, personal care and pet foods and products. Together with the fruit and vegetable section, the gastronomy area offers a vast selection of products, many of them local, which are available for shoppers to try in single-portion servings.

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