Fast-track digital couponing: Choose your deal at Subway

For many retailers getting started with digital couponing is a long journey. Digital couponing tends to become part of the bigger loyalty project and timelines are not weeks, but often 10-12 months – sometimes even a couple of years from idea to launch. Typically digital couponing is an IT-project with point of sale system integration and launch of an app. But what if you could fast-track digital couponing and launch a campaign in only a few weeks? In Norway, Subway just did.

Promoting the offer

Through Facebook advertising and through Subway´s own Facebook page consumers were encouraged to text Subway to a short number to receive a “Choose your deal” SMS.

The consumer chooses their favorite and receives a new SMS with a unique coupon to redeem in-store.

Personalisation made easy

Allowing the consumers to make their own choice is a powerful thing. And it is simple. Instead of being dependent on lots of data points on the customers to successfully segment and offer them what you think they want… just ask them! What is your favorite? Which of the deals do YOU want? Personalisation made easy.

Redemption process made easy

Subway did not require a point-of-sale integrated solution for this campaign. The campaign and coupon offers allowed a simpler redemption process. Still the coupons were unique and single-use providing Subway with both consumer insights and control. In-store the consumer showed their unique coupon. The employees pressed the red button (or asked the consumers to do so while they were watching) and the coupon showed a confirmation screen with a security string (including a time-stamp to verify). After 30 seconds the screen changed to a “coupon already used” mode. The redemption process was simple for employees and sufficiently secure for Subway.

Simplicity makes impact

Subway kept the campaign simple: 1) Text to receive “choose your deal”, 2) make your choice, 3) receive your favorite coupon, and 4) redeem the coupon in-store. The traffic to store impact is always a function of the media spending and reach of the campaign – and on how attractive the offers are. Across multiple campaigns like this, with offers that are equally attractive as what Subway had in this campaign, we see an average +80% completion of the “choose your deal” selection and a +50% redemption rate on the coupon offers, Mats Danielsen explains. It´s also a very cost-efficient campaign as the SMS are based on a “pull” from the consumer (for the offer). It is not a extensive push SMS campaign, which would typically have lower redemption rates. The primary cost for the retailer is the media spend on advertising. Our technology activates this media spend and closes the loop between paid (and earned) media – and the physical store, Danielsen continues. What is also interesting is that coupon campaigns like this contributes to further strengthen the social channels for retailers and brands. It help attract new Facebook followers and engage the existing, Danielsen concludes.

This SMS mechanic is possible with Liquid Barcodes technology. Liquid Barcodes technology platform powers retailers’ digital couponing and connects offers with the retailer point of sale system through unique codes. Liquid Barcodes can also offer retailers other redemption methods:

Liquid Barcodes is sponsor of GlobalCStoreFocus.

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Mats DanielsenMats Danielsen Technology and digital promotions specialist.

CEO of Liquid Barcodes: a technology company that redeems digital promotions in real-time for retailers, brands and partners. They do business across Europe & Asia and have global aspirations with a dedicated focus on the Convenience industry. Liquid barcodes have built a fantastic relationship with Insight, as GCSF's main sponsor.



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