The next level in luxury coffee solutions

Franke Coffee Systems is one of the world's leading providers of solutions for professional out-of-home coffee preparation. Its product range features fully automatic and traditional coffee machines, capsule coffee machines, and high-volume brewers. Its headquarters are in Aarburg (Switzerland) and it has subsidiaries in Germany, the USA, the UK, and Japan employing a total of 500 staff; who are committed to providing the perfect coffee solutions. Customers can also count on a global service and distribution network of more than 300 partners.

Meet the creme de la creme of coffee solutions

The A1000 is the result of all the expertise, experience, innovative spirit and passion of Franke Coffee Systems. It brings highly personalized coffee creations to life like never before, showcasing individuality on a whole new scale.

The A1000 is the new standard in fully automatic coffee machines. With this latest innovation, leading manufacturer Franke is ready to take you to the next level of luxury. The A1000 was created to give all guests their very own little moment of luxury every day. No matter what their favorite coffee might be, the A1000 can fulfill their wishes. The A1000 is your ticket to a coffee that’s more personalized than ever before.

Fact file: the A1000 is unique in 5 different ways

Coffee experts everywhere will be won over by the specifications of the new A1000, which offers supreme luxury and unparalleled variety.

Your favorite coffee – whenever you want, wherever you are

In a restaurant or a canteen, at a motorway service station or a café, at the supermarket or the petrol station, getting a coffee to go or at the airport: every guest is guaranteed a delicious coffee just the way they like it. The A1000 makes all this possible because it’s packed with cutting-edge innovations.

It is available in three luxurious designs: gloss black with chrome elements, gloss white with chrome elements, and gloss black with gold elements. The sleek A1000 with its innovative features is a feast for the eyes as well as the key to new flavor sensations.

Bringing the big screen to the user interface

The multimedia user interface on the new A1000 offers virtually limitless possibilities – but it couldn’t be easier or more intuitive to operate. Starring sumptuous, perfectly presented drinks, and top-quality videos with outstanding sound on the crystal-clear 10.4-inch display. The exceptional ease of use makes it truly first class. Now you can enchant your guests, boost the efficiency of your service, and generate extra sales.

Swiss made, through and through

Uncompromising Swiss quality has been poured into the design and construction of the A1000, making it perfect for meeting the very highest demands. This guarantees reliability, efficiency and durability, so that you get the most out of your investment.

CleanMaster: fully automatic cleaning

CleanMaster, the fully automatic cleaning system, is included as standard in the innovative refrigeration unit of the A1000. This ensures that the strictest hygiene standards are met at all times, while also providing an exceptionally efficient cleaning process.

FoamMaster™: for dreamy milk foam

Fitted as standard in the A1000, the FoamMasterTM guarantees perfect milk foam every single time. Unbeatable in its quality, the foam can be prepared in varying consistencies and thicknesses and combined with cold or warm milk. Even at high outputs and under the highest demands, the foam consistency remains perfectly constant. The refrigeration unit for up to two milk varieties and two parallel refrigeration circuits is the perfect answer to today’s trend of different milk varieties and milk alternatives.

Highly efficient networking

The latest technology means that the A1000 can be accessed via the Internet at any time to give you up-to-date information about sales figures, etc. Even if you have 150 decentralized machines in operation, you can maintain an overview of your entire coffee business at all times!


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