Coop launches culinary platform FOOBY

Inspiration for cooking, eating and enjoying on all channels

FOOBY is the new platform from Coop, free of charge; its the new source of inspiration for those who love to cook and enjoy fresh, fine food but can't afford the unnecessary expenditure of time. This completely new culinary platform has an A to Z of food services: from a personalised cookbook and how-to videos to magazines with trending stories and recipe cards found both in the supermarkets and on the interactive website, there is also automated shopping lists and a direct order function At Coop @ home. FOOBY gives customers a new world of cooking without borders between supermarket, online and home.

"With FOOBY, we want to focus on the joy and pleasure of cooking, eating and enjoying it even more," explains Philipp Wyss, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board and Head of Marketing / Procurement. "For many, cooking is no longer an annoying obligation, but a sensual act and a relaxing balance to work. FOOBY makes [cooking] more comfortable and more joyous. "

Recipes and food knowledge right on the shelf

With the launch of FOOBY in mid-February, customers are able to find suitable shopping and cooking aids directly from Coop stores also. Two of many examples: recipe flyers propose dishes that can be cooked from a few ingredients within 20 minutes. These recipes are placed alongside the food, so the shopping is easy and practical. Shelf plugs with surprising foodfacts on the shelf make shopping an entertaining Wikipedia trip in everyday life.

Direct connection between supermarket and website is now the first stop on the web for inspiring recipes, which are also visually appealing. "On, thanks to the filter function, I can find starters and desserts that match the ingredients I bought from my Coop supermarket during the week," explains Philipp Wyss, as he compiles the menu for his Saturday dinner party. "I take the number of guests coming and then know exactly how much of the ingredients I need to buy. Or I can add the necessary ingredients to my Coop @ home shopping basket.

How to make and recipe

videos on offer how-to videos with step-by-step instructions for beginners. In addition to these very practical cooking aids, well-known foodies and bloggers speak about their latest discoveries and culinary experiences in text, pictures and video.

The FOOBY App - The personal cooking and shopping aid

The FOOBY app also offers many advantages for simple, enjoyable shopping and cooking - right in your pocket. All favorite recipes and tips can be saved in the personal cookbook at any time. Important: Recipes from other websites, as well as from other cookbooks and magazines can be photographed by the users with their smartphone and saved to the electronic FOOBY cookbook. Everything is in one place. The app has a practical cooking view for cooking, in which the recipes are displayed step by step. And there is a timer also integrated. In order to make shopping easy, the app sorts the ingredients in the shopping list according to the departments in the supermarket.

Daily Inspirations via Social from the middle of February

With the social media channels of Fooby - Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest - the customers are inspired every day culinary. The FOOBY newsletter regularly informs about the latest food events and stories.

With FOOBY, Coop proves that culinary skills can also be found in everyday life. Culinary means not only gourmet dinner, but also a lovingly prepared salad of fresh ingredients with fine dressing.

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