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Global Convenience Store Focus Ltd (GCSF) is the online touchpoint for Insight Research’s global network in the convenience and fuel retail industry. The key to our success is being connected. Over the years we have built up unrivalled, close relationships with the leading decision makers in convenience retailers and their suppliers across the world’s most advanced convenience markets.

GCSF is a unique, differentiated publishing platform which is geared towards what we call ‘the CEO agenda’ and audience. Our feature interviews and Retail Vision TV videos are exclusives which we commission. We are not in the business of re-cycling press releases, or announcing the latest variety of chocolate biscuit promotion. This has, over recent years appealed to our target audience and our readership/viewer analysis confirms considerable success in this regard with CEO/Executive Directors forming one of our top three groups alongside Sales roles and Business/Corporate Strategists on almost every story or video we publish.

GCSF’s subscriber database is focused on senior retailers worldwide who receive our HTML notifications. Other channels are also increasingly important to us; You Tube and our particular focus on LinkedIn has considerably grown our reach across the industry. We recently hit 136,000 video views since we started running Retail Vision TV videos on the video channel and our three most recent videos posts on LinkedIn have already notched up over 14,000 video views.

In order to support the exclusive and ground-breaking approach we do not believe in assaulting our senior customer audience with intrusive banner advertising for products they are already familiar with. We instead work with exclusive supplier partners who, in our view, bring ground breaking innovation to their industry category. We work with our innovator partners, enterprises like Liquid Barcodes, Bona Design Lab and NACS, to build their brands and highlight the innovation they are bringing to the industry in innovative, thoughtful ways which make sense to our audience.

GCSF is also about building connections and relationships within our industry. We work with our partners to support the progression of long-term relationships with the right people in the industry. It’s clearly essential that the products and services we feature add value and provide worthwhile solutions for our retailer readership. We do not offer standard advertising packages, we offer the opportunity to partner with us and become exclusively promoted in your category.

Innovator Partnership 

  • Exclusive partner in your category
  • Inclusion on our Innovators page as integral part of GCSF site
  • Publication of original and pre-written case studies/ articles
  • Social media promotion
  • Banner adverts to highlight brand
  • Discount to add on additional content
  • Unique tag on GCSF site

(minimum 1 year)

Trial Offer 

We understand the hesitation around making a long-term commitment, but we are confident in our unique publishing and connections proposition and offer a 3-month trial option to showcase how a partnership with Global Convenience Store Focus could benefit your company. This package includes:

  • 1 original feature article
  • Publication of 1 pre-written article/case study
  • Social media promotion
  • Banner adverts

Fully Flexible 

If clients would like to simply commission a story or a one-off Retail Vision video, our exclusive features are a great starting point for connecting with the convenience retail industry.

If you have something specific in mind or would like to discuss bespoke packages please get in touch and we will work on creating the best proposal for your needs.

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