About Us

Global Convenience Store Focus Ltd is the online touchpoint for Insight Research’s global network in the convenience and fuel retail industry. The key to our success is being connected. Over the years we have built up unrivalled, close relationships with the leading decision makers in convenience retailers and their suppliers across the world’s most advanced convenience markets.

GCSF Ltd is a unique, differentiated publishing platform which is geared towards what we call ‘the CEO agenda’ and audience. Our feature interviews and Retail Vision TV videos are exclusives which we commission. We are not in the business of re-cycling press releases, or announcing the latest variety of chocolate biscuit promotion. This has over recent years appealed to our target audience and our readership/viewer analysis confirms considerable success in this regard with CEO/Executive Directors forming one of our top three groups alongside Sales roles and Business/Corporate Strategists on almost every story or video we publish.

About Insight Research

The Insight Research partnership is a UK based international retail strategy and consulting business, specialising in the convenience and fuels retail industry. Founded in 1981, Insight Research has a long-established reputation as objective convenience & fuels retail industry experts. Our focus has always been to find where the innovation is within global retail markets, to benchmark that innovation and then to communicate this knowledge to the leaders in our industry. We always focus on the future and the business is always prepared to challenge the status quo. This future focus has always appealed to the CEO/Executive Director audience we are targeting, especially in a time of such retail disruption. Our approach tends to be take a positive view of change and to work hard to help our retailer clients master it and make it work for their businesses.